Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hair for Daddy

Last night I picked Tate up from daycare...we got in the car and he took his hat off. His hair was sticking up and.....

Me: I like your hair
DS: You cant say that.
Me: Yes, I can. I like your hair. Hopefully you get Mommy's hair and not daddy's
DS: Daddy doesnt have hair. We will have to get him some.
Me: Where should we get him hair from (at this point I thought he would say Fred Meyer, our grocery store)
DS: The Pet Store.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Life with a 3 year old

Tate has been three for a month. All I can say is that this is a fun age. He is so damn funny.

This morning (well, every morning), he woke up and layed there saying...mommy...mommy......mommymommymommymommy, talk to me..........mommy.

Me: What?
Tate: I love you

Oh, and his favorite show is The Backyardigans.....well, the new episode Pablo is a king. I guess at one point he says I Command You!

So, needless to say......Tate is always commanding us. *sigh*

Last night Chris took him to play at McD's while I went grocery shopping. I stopped by on my way home and the kid was running laps. Made me tired just watching.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Dress / My Mom

I ordered my wedding dress!!!! HOORAY! Now, we have to get married. LOL
Now we just need to work on the brides maids dresses.

Today is my Mom's birthday. She is 48. Seems weird to say she is 48 and I will be 30. Makes us seem so close in age. But, I guess we are. I hope she is having a great day. I wish I was closer so I could take her to lunch and then out for drinks after work.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The way to a mans heart

Chris decided on Monday that he wanted to remodel our closet. Great.
Last night, he wanted to show me what he was currently doing to the closet. So Tate and I go into the bedroom to check it out.

Tate says to Chris: It is beautiful.

Chris melted. What a sweet child we :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Too Much TV

So, I now realize that we let Tate watch too much TV.

This morning he was talking, well, singing in his sleep.

T: Ming-Ming too....blah blah blah wonder pets and we help you

It was pretty funny.....

Friday, January 18, 2008

It's Friday! HOORAY

Finally. What a week. Well, it wasnt so bad...but I have had a headache for days. I was finally able to get to the chiropractor (Hi Dr. Nikki!!!) and feel better already. Although I am sure I will have to go back next week.

Tomorrow I am making breakfast for Nat & Krissi. We will probably talk about the wedding. I really need to get my ass into gear.

Tate was having a bad dream last night and screamed for me. We still co-sleep so I was right there but man, poor kid. I wonder what he was dreaming about.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Light is ON

This was a conversation between Chris & Tate this morning.

Tate: Come on Tuck, lets go save the baby panda (If you watch Wonder Pets, this makes sense to you)

Chris: No bug it is to early to get out of bed.

Tate: But the light outside in the sky is on.

How can you argue with that?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

January 15

The day is almost over. Well, the work day. I was pretty busy today.

Chris did go surfing this past weekend. He and Stan left Friday afternoon and came back Sunday evening. The waves weren't great but they did get to surf.

Tate and I just hung around the house. We did venture out to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a birthday present for my Mom. And to Target to check out the 75% off toy sale. Not much left but I did get an art desk for $10. I will save it as a gift for Tate next year.

Tomorrow we have a meeting with a DJ. I really hope we hit it off with him and want to book him. I have no desire to meet with a bunch of DJ's.

I really need to go soon and order my dress. *sigh* I need a personal assistant.

Monday, January 7, 2008

January 7

*yawn* it is Monday again. The weekends go by to fast.

I went grocery shopping last night. I came home and put all the food away and then was hungry. I said I am hungry, a hungry, hungry hippo. Tate said I am hungry to. I said are you a hippo? He said, No, I am a turtle. LOL. Not sure where that come from.

Saturday we didnt do a damn thing. Stayed in our pjs all day and watched TV.

Not sure what the plans are for this weekend. I know Chris really wants to go surfing. The weather was crap this weekend so he didnt get to go.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Jan 04

Well, it is a new year. And Tate is now 3 years old. *sigh*
we didnt do much for his birthday. Chris made us all breakfast. We took a cupcake to Baby Jewell and then went to McD's for lunch and to play. All in all I think Tate had a great day, but we had no party. Maybe next year.

Back to work now. We had a break from Dec 21 - Jan 02. It was nice to be home with Tate. He seemed to be a better behaved, more polite child when he was home with us as opposed to daycare.

During the break, he did say to me one "shut your mouth". My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldnt even yell at him. Just sent him to timeout. Little shit.

Last night at dinner, he was so cute. He would take a drink of his milk and say "tasty" and then crack up laughing. A true belly laugh. I had to get the video camera out.

He cried this morning when he woke up. Chris was already gone. So we had to call Daddy.

Chris wants to go surfing this weekend. Not sure if Tate and I will go with. We will see. All depends on the weather.