Monday, March 31, 2008

Horton Hears a Who Monday

We took Tate to his very first movie this weekend. Horton Hears a Who.
(Ok, I tried to cut & paste a pic, and it didnt work. So pretend there is a pic of Horton here)

Tate did pretty good. He was a bit antsy at the begining, but he settled down, and then fell asleep. It was a cute movie.

I also bought him Toy Story. He LOVES it! Usually it takes him some time to get into a new movie. Not this one. Now I need to find Toy Story II for cheap.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wet Wednesday

So, it is spring here in the PNW, and of course, it is raining. Ick. I am very sick of the rain this year. I am very ready for some sunshine! Of course, I would be happy to have rain for two more weeks (or more) as long as it is dry and sunny for my wedding.

Our Easter was kind of a bummer. It was very, very rainy out. So, Tate and I did not go to church or to the Easter egg hunt.
I made chocolate chip pancakes and peanut butter chip pancakes. They were yummy! I also made a meatloaf in the crock pot for dinner.

Other than that, we just hung around the house all day.

Tonight is again, juice & jammies at Barnes & Noble. I took some pics of Tate at J&J but they are stuck on my camera. I need to get them downloaded so i can post them on here. I also have Easter pics.

Here is one to hold you over until then:


Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Happy Good Friday!

We are slow at work. Most of Scandinavia is closed for almost a week for Easter. Makes things slow here.

No big Easter plans for us. I think Tate and I will go to church. The church puts on a huge Easter Egg Hunt. Chris wants to go disc golfing. If the weather is nice I might send Tate with Chris after Church and do some stuff around the house. It needs a good cleaning. Not that I want to do it, but someone has to.

Wedding news: I have a meeting with a florist on Monday. She was really nice on the phone. I hope her prices are great and I can just book her. I have totally dragged my feet on the florist. But, once I have one booked, we are pretty much on track.
We are going to look for a ring for Chris this Saturday. Hopefully we can find one.

Happy Easter!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two Post Tuesday

Just because I think its cute & funny.....

This morning I was in the bathroom getting ready; naked.

Tate comes in and says, Let me see your penis.

I say, I dont have a penis.

Tate says, What do you have.

I say, I have a vagina.

Tate says, Oh ok.

And then leaves the bathroom. I am glad we had that talk.

Tumble Bus Tuesday

Every Tuesday the Tumble Bus comes to daycare. Tate loves it.

This morning he woke up and said, "Is it Tumble Bus day?"
Daddy: Yep
Tate: Cool! That is awesome!

It was cute, for him to be so excited about it.

This is the Tumble Bus:

We took Tate to the mall last night to see the Eater Bunny. He walked right up and sat on his lap. But once he was up there I think he was a little freaked out. We did get a semi-smile for the picture.

We are going to JcPenneys on Thursday to have spring pics taken. I hope he cooperates.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Real People

Ugh. I just have a simpel question, but I can not get a real person on the phone. What is up with that? They send me in circles, push 1, push 4, push 2....I just want a real person!!!! Argh. Took me 10 minutes just to finally get a real person. Now this real person doesnt know the answer to my question and has me on hold. So much for customer service.

Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia

When I read Crazy In Love's blog to Tricia I almost cried. What a great idea.

I cant wait for you:

*to hear your little girl say "I Love You" even if she says it 10, 000 times a day.
*to hear her first little laugh, and remember the exact moment for ever.
*to tickle her little feet.
*to lay awake all night long, just watching her sleep.
*see the excitement in her eyes, when she goes potty in the toilet for the first time, or gets dressed by herself, or catches the football or, or , or.......
*to get to hold and kiss her. I can not wait to see the pics of you holding your dear daughter for the first time.

For those of you who dont know what I am talking the blog on the left, Confessions of a CF husband. :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Had to post this....

I am sure this is what everyone thinks anytime I talk about the wedding:


Spring Forward

This weekend is Daylight Savings. I hate loosing an hour of sleep, but I love the extra hour of light.

No big plans. Tate has had a cough and a very runny nose. We try not to take him anywhere. I hate being out and about and seeing runny nosed kids. Ick.

I think we will hang out around the house, clean a little. Do some laundry. Maybe do some wedding stuff.

If the weather is nice we will go for a walk or play out back. I would like to take Tate to the park, but again, I dont want to be that Mom. You know, ignoring the fact that my son has snot on every thing in the park. Gross. I hate that.

Anywho.....are you bored today? If so, check out Mental Poo. See, his link is over there...on the left. Check it out. He is funny.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

You are cracking me up!

Last night we took Tate to get his hair cut. On the way home, Chris was trying to bite his ear (something he does that makes me laugh, a whole nother story). Anyway.....I was laughing and Tate started to laugh.

I said, do you even know what I am lauging about? He just kept laughing and then said "You guys are cracking me up"

OMG, that was the funniest thing the kid has freaking cute.