Friday, January 4, 2008

Jan 04

Well, it is a new year. And Tate is now 3 years old. *sigh*
we didnt do much for his birthday. Chris made us all breakfast. We took a cupcake to Baby Jewell and then went to McD's for lunch and to play. All in all I think Tate had a great day, but we had no party. Maybe next year.

Back to work now. We had a break from Dec 21 - Jan 02. It was nice to be home with Tate. He seemed to be a better behaved, more polite child when he was home with us as opposed to daycare.

During the break, he did say to me one "shut your mouth". My jaw dropped to the floor. I couldnt even yell at him. Just sent him to timeout. Little shit.

Last night at dinner, he was so cute. He would take a drink of his milk and say "tasty" and then crack up laughing. A true belly laugh. I had to get the video camera out.

He cried this morning when he woke up. Chris was already gone. So we had to call Daddy.

Chris wants to go surfing this weekend. Not sure if Tate and I will go with. We will see. All depends on the weather.

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