Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Arts Walk

Oh, the idea was a good one. Lets go to Arts Walk and enjoy the nice weather. How did I end up in every damn bar in downtown Oly?

And why did I drink so much? Vodka, rum, beer, jello shots.....

I paid for it on Sunday. I puked my damn guts out. Want proof? Ask Chris next time you see him......he has picks. Nice guy huh?

I didnt get out of bed until 6:00 pm. And then I only moved to the couch.

Oy vay.

I am never drinking again. Ever.

Until my batchlorette (how do you spell that) party. *giggle*

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Invites are out

My Mom came this past weekend. April 17 - 22. We had a blast.

Thursday afternoon Tate and I went to the airport to pick her up. Traffic was not to bad on the way home even though it was 5:30.

Friday morning we took Tate to daycare and then did some wedding stuff. I must of had some bad karma.......the day started out fine.....but......we went to the tux shop to take in my Dad's measurements. We of course get the new lady, which is fine...but she was quiet & mousey. Ugh! Annoying. Anyway....we finally get that done.

I then wanted to run to Macy's to fix my registry. I guess Chris and I registered for 25 pots & pans. LOL. I didnt know, but it was the Macy's Big One Day Sale. NO WHERE TO PARK! ARGH! I parked in a spot that was not really a spot. We get inside and it is a zoo. I never did see the bridal registery lady.....so we left.

We decided that we would go to Tacoma early and get some lunch before my trial up do. But first we need coffee. We go to a drive thru.....and I turn the wrong way...into the parking lot. I have to turn around....we start to take off and my car starts to run crappy.


So, we pull over, turn off the car. We talk for a bit.....start the car, get on the freeway and it is still driving crappy. So we go home. We have some leftover pizza.......
Try again. In town it is driving fine. We get on the freeway and OMG, the car is possessed. I call Chris. We go to where he is working and get his gross, dirty, smelly van. Ick. I hate that thing.

By now it is 12:45. My appointment is at 1:00 in Tacoma. A good 30 mintues away. I call the salon and let them know I am still coming.

We finally get on the road. The traffic to Tacoma is good. We get to the exit and of course, I turn the wrong way. I whip a shitty (squak the tires and all, LOL) and go the other way. I get in the far right lane. Oh great, a turn only lane. I end up at Costco. Traffic is horrible. I finally get turned around, out of the parking lot, find the right street and YES!!! there is the salon.

Only 30 minutes late.

The up do went great! I loved my hair and Kelli is great! I can not wait for her to do my hair for the wedding.

We head back home. We decide that we need to stop at Fred Meyer....cant remember why. Anyway, as we are leaving the parking lot, an old lady is backing up and doesnt see me. I can not find the horn on Chris's van and she hits us. Lovely. (Oh, and Chris doesnt know, so dont say anything).

We pull over....thank goodness there is no damage to either vehicle.

Friday night we go to the Hells Bells show. If you dont know, Hells Bells is an all girls AC/DC trubite band. They fucking rock. We had a great time.

Saturday Chris had to work, My Mom and I hung out at home with Tate.

Saturday night, we went to my office to print & send the wedding invites. All my great friends came to help. Heather, Julie, Brook, Natalie, Krissi, Nova and me. Took us a few hours to get it all printed and the envelopes stuffed, but they are done. HOORAY!

Me, my Mom, Krissi, Brook and Nova met Sarah, Heather and Lindsay at El Sarape for a pre-birthday dinner for Sarah. Drinks were good. Food was ok. Service was s l o w.

Sunday Chris had to work again. Me, Tate and my Mom went to check out some hotels.

Monday, we kept Tate home from daycare. We went to the post office to buy stamps, stopped by my office to print some labels with hotel info I wanted to add to the invites......took Tate to Jumping Jacks. The bouncy house place. He had fun. Then we went to McD's for desert and to let him play some more.

Tuesday morning I took my Mom back to the airport. I wish she could have stayed longer. We have such a great time together.

I sent the invites out on Tuesday. Now we will wait for the RSVP's.

That was my past few days in a nutshell. Someday I will have pics to add. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Lots & Lots of pictures :)

I have been meaning to add some pics...so here you go!

Tate and I went to Starbucks one Friday afternoon:

Tate got a haircut...and some gel:

Tate at juice & jammies at Barnes & Noble...our Wednesday night date:


I will try to do better about posting pics more often. :) Enjoy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sweet Things Tate says (Part 1)

The other night Tate and I were laying in bed.....he rolled over, put his hand on my cheek and said "I like you Momma" (Melted my heart)

And not sure what it is lately....but the kid loves my hair. I put it in braids this weekend and Tate told me numerous times that he liked my hair.

In the morning, when I am getting ready, he loves to run through my hair. After I comb it, I hang my head upside down, and he will run back and forth through it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Funny Things Tate says (Part1)

I just got Tate the movie Toy Story. He loves it. I guess yesterday when Chris & Tate were leaving the park, Tate looked at Chris and said "You are a strange little man." (For those of you who dont have Toy Story memorized, Buzz says this to Woody).

Tate has also been calling Chris Buzz Lightyear.

Funny kid.

Tricia is recovering great!

Tricia is doing great with her recovery. You can check out the updates on the Confessions of a CF Husband blog. If you pray, please continue to pray for Tricia and for the donors family.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Tricia Got Her Lungs

Confessions of a CF Husband, is a blog I read daily. Tricia got her new lungs! Please pray for Tricia to have a quick recovery. Pray for Nate and Gwyneth. To learn more, please read the blog, its over there, on the left.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day / Grandma Lehr's birthday

Happy Birthday Grandma Lehr! Hmmm, I wonder how old she is. I need to call her today.

So far no pranks today. Maybe I am to old for April Fools.