Friday, March 27, 2009

Moving on to the Arenal Volcano

We had planed on taking a bus from Tamarindo to Arenal...but Tate g0t car sick everytime we got into a vehicle. So, we thought it would be better if we rented a car. That gave us the freedom to stop whenever we needed to.

Coffee break!

Of course, the frist thing we do after checking into our hotel is get a drink. This is sad Adrienne, she only has one drink.

This is happy Adrienne, she has two drinks. :)

This is the "hotel" we stayed at. This was a great place to stay, the staff was very friendly and our little house was always clean.

This was a cool shop in town. If we had the money to ship one of these home, we would have bought one.

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Christine said...

That coffee looks delicious! :)