Friday, April 10, 2009

Zip Line!!!!

I really wanted to go on the zip lines in Costa Rica. I had to do some research, but I found one place that would allow a four year old to go. We had a long drive (on the crappiest roads ever) there and back; but it was soooo worth it!
Here is the place we went to:

Lunch & drinks (of course!!) before the zip line.

Getting ready to go!

Tate was the first one in our group to go. I was soooo worried he would freak out. Thank GOD he didn't. If he would have hated the zip line, he would have to go on FIVE before he could get down. But, he LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

When we got done (took a little over an hour) Tate asked if we could go again. :)

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