Wednesday, February 13, 2008


We got the tux on Monday. What a great e-bay seller. I won the bid on Friday and received the tux on Monday.
We tried it on Tate last night. Made me cry. He was so cute.

Yesterday, daycare called me at 12:15 ish and said that Tate was throwing up everywhere. So, I, being a worry wort, leave immediately to go get him. I take him home, lay him on the couch, with sick daddy and tell him he needs to take a nap. I warm up my lunch and Tate tells me he is "starving". I tell him he can not eat as he just threw up, he can eat after nap. We all nap. It was nice.
He wakes up and I give him a a snack. He is running around the house. Seems just fine to me.
I think he either tumbled too much on the tumble bus or ate too fast at lunch. He was not sick. But whatever, I got to leave work early. And I get paid for it. :)

Chris has had a headcold or sinus infection. He finally is up and about today.

Tonight, Tate and I will go to juice & jammies at Barnes & Noble. I am trying to make it our Wednesday night thing.

I guess that is all for now. Nothing else too exciting going on. For now.....

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