Friday, May 16, 2008

My fate with wedding dresses

Months ago I bought a wedding dress online. It is a beautiful dress, and it happened to be named "Adrienne". Well, I got it, and there was a pretty big smudge on it. The dress shop sent me a check for $300 to have it cleaned. (I still havent and I am sure I blew the money long ago). Once I tried it on I knew it wasnt the one.

I tried on and ordered a dress from a local shop here in Oly. My dress arrived yesterday. Today Natalie, Krissi and I went to try it on. It fits, has a spot on it! Can you beleive it?!?! Two out of two.

At first the shop was going to try and get the spot out themselves....but they decided they would just send it back and order a new one. *sigh*

So, now I wait....for my dress....again.

I have this feeling that on our wedding day, Tate will run up and hug me, with dirt or chocolate on his hands....and I will have little finger prints on my dress.

I just think it is my fate.

(No, you cant see pics of the dress, I will post gobs & gobs of pics after the wedding)

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The Brights said...

Yeah...thats the problem with white. Hence, the reason I very very rarely wear white!! Yikes! Good luck keeping it clean :) Just wait till you spill beer/wine on least if thats after the wedding you'll be good!