Friday, May 9, 2008


Last Sunday was a beautiful day. Tate and I went to the Farmers Market and down to the water. There were jelly fish everywhere! It was neat.

Brook & Sarah met us at the Farmers Market. We hung out in the nice warm sun.

We then went to Brook & Sarahs house for lunch. We hung out in the back, ate & listened to music. It was lots of fun.

I asked Tate who is best friend is (thinking he would pick someone from daycare). He thought for a second and said "you are mommy." Melt my heart. How cute was that! So then of course our friends think he is the cutest sweetest thing.

All in all it was a great day.

Then I woke up Monday, sunburned with an awesome tan line across my nose from my sun glasses. Nice.

1 comment:

The Brights said...

Ahh....that is so cute!

You better be careful with the whole burning/tan line thing...or you'll end up with some funky lines for your wedding :)