Thursday, July 31, 2008

Wednesday Nights

Just about every Wednesday we do the same thing.....Disc Golf doubles and Juice & Jammies.

Chris is the president of the South Puget Sound Disc Golf Association. About a year ago Olympia finally got its own course at Yauger Park. Every Wednesday night the have random flip doubles.

Tate and I usually hang out with him for a hew holes and then go to Barnes & Noble for Juice & Jammies story time.

Most nights, Tate is really good at J & J. Not last night. Tate is one of those kids that does what other kids are doing. If there only a few kids and they are all quiet and listening, then he is quiet and listening.......if there are loud, cant sit still kids....Tate is loud and cant sit still.

Last night was a night with a lot of kids. About 15. And of course, Tate ends up next to the two loudest kids...and neither of them can sit still for 5 seconds. So, Tate is doing the exact same thing. I was so freaking annoyed.

We left before the last book was over and we didnt stay to play with the trains.

Hopefully next week there are either less kids, or I pick the quiet kid to sit Tate next to.


Bekah said...

matt lives for disc golf...

Mom to Tate said...

Hooray! I love to hear that other people dis golf. :)

Mom to Tate said...

Um, that would be disc, not dis. LOL