Thursday, October 29, 2009

Meals we have left for October

The month is almost over. Here are the meals we still haven't made. I am not planning on making a full November menu. I want to see how long we can go with what we have around the house, without doing a major shop.

Lentil & brown rice casserole
Ham & cheese omelets
Navajo tacos
Grandma Mack breakfast casserole
Appetizer sandwiches
Crock pot beef enchiladas
Crock pot potato bacon soup
Smothered chicken with brown rice
Not soggy nachos

Veggie beef soup


Paige said...

so what was the miscalculation? Did you over plan? Undereat? Make more than you thought of one dish(supplying leftovers) have sandwhichs or cereal instead of cooking? What will you do different next time?

Mom to Tate said...

I knew we would have more than we needed. I planned a meal for everyday, knowing that we would have leftovers. My plan in Sept was to see how long we could go into Oct. But I like planning for the month, so I did a month for Oct as well. So, for Nov, I am going to see how long we can go without a big shop. We will need bread, milk, veggies, fruit, ect....And we did have meals at friends houses I think twice....