Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

Santa gifts! Hooray!
A new card game. Thank goodness, I can only handle so much Go Fish.

A cute Cars sleeping bag / air mat.
Bath fizzies.
YUM! This is now a must have for special occasions. Overnight Monkey Bread. Oh So Good.

I just made snacks for us to munch on all day.

Around 7:30 that night, Tate spiked a fever of 102.4 and started puking.
Poor sick baby. By the morning, he was fine. No fever and no more pukes.


Paige said...

Poor baby! Too much excitement you think? It looks like he had an otherwise good day. I LOVE your appetizer idea. That's my favorite meal ever, little bits of everything!

Mom to Tate said...

I would blame the pukes on all the crap he ate, mostly candy....but the fever?? At least it was short lived and he was better the next day.
Totally! I just wanted to be able to eat all day. :)