Monday, January 25, 2010

Paradise at Mt. Rainier

This weekend we went to Paradise at Mt. Rainier to go sledding.

I dont have any pictures of us sledding. I have a large camera and didnt want to deal with it.


Christine said...

Sounds like so much fun! We've been intending on taking the kids to Mt. Hood to do some sledding but haven't made it yet. I'm sure one of these weekends coming up we'll go. :) I'm not sure how many pictures I'll have of the actual sledding either. I'm going to want to concentrate on having fun. :)

Paige said...

what "large" camera do you have? I know what that's like though, w/ my nikon d40, it gets left behind and Noah takes his nikon coolpix for the more portable issues.

Mom to Tate said...

It is a Kodak something or other :) I always keep it in my purse, but I didnt want to deal with on the Mt. I do need to get a pocket size camera for times just like this.

Christine ~ it was fun, for the kids. Chris and I were actually shocked at how small the sled area was. I mean, you are on a Mt. They have two little runs, and you have to wait in line. In SD, you find a huge hill and it is a free for all. :) I suppose this is safer.
Next time we want to go to Snoqualmie and do the tubing.